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Over the last decade there has been an increased demand for bottled water and other beverages. This demand has drawn manufacturers' attention to the need for specialized filling techniques, proper sanitation practices and enhanced water disinfection and bottle sterilization. Most bottling companies rely on the use of ozone to meet these ever-increasing legislative and consumer quality demands. There are three main applications for ozone in the bottling industry including the ozonation of the wash water used to clean the bottles prior to filling, ozonation of the actual bottling water and ozone for Clean in Place (CIP) system sanitation. Experience has indicated that a small dose of ozone from a high concentration ozone monitor in the region of 0.3 mg/l to 0.5 mg/l is sufficient to sanitize the product and the product packaging.

Regardless of the application point of ozone, the final bottled product will be dramatically improved with consumer safety and confidence increased.

bullet2Ozone kills bacteria 3100 times faster than chlorine.

bullet2Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacteria than chlorine.

bullet2Ozone can be effective as a disinfectant even at relatively low concentrations.

bullet2Ozone does not leave toxic by-products similar to those related to chlorination.