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Ozone in Fruit & Vegetable Storage

Fruit and vegetables held in cold storage are often subject to losses caused by the spread of bacteria and organisms initially caused by damage to some of the stored produce.

The ripening process if not checked can also cause some fruits to accelerate the process on other produce.

Ozone in Air

Gaseous ozone in the air of a cold storage room can significantly retard the growth of organisms on the produce. It can not only destroy mould and bacteria in the air but also on the surface of produce.

Ozone is effective in destroying ethylene gas given off by some fruits during ripening therefore slowing down the ripening and extending the storage life of the other produce held in the same storage area.

Fruits such as oranges will suffer weight loss while in cold storage; ozone exposure has been shown to reduce ageing and weight loss on these fruits.

Numerous studies have been carried out using ozone on a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, please contact us for any information that we may have on your specific sector.

We have a variety of ozone generators with the capacity to economically cover the storage requirements and needs of the small retailer right through to the large wholesaler or producer.