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Clearly the success of a hydroponics crop depends on the quality of the water being used to grow the plants. Water parameters that have a direct impact on crop success include

bullet2Oxygen level : low levels limit plant growth.

bullet2Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) concentration: High levels reduce fertiliser effectiveness and promotes growth of anaerobic bacteria.

bullet2Microbial loading : High levels of bacteria in the water compete with the plants for nutrients. Root born pathogens are detrimental to plant health.

bullet2Algae growth.

The benefits of ozone to hydroponics are

bullet2The elimination of H2S.

bullet2The increase in oxygen levels.

bullet2The elimination of microbes, algae and root born pathogens including powdery mildew, Fusarium and Pythium.

bullet2Savings on chemical fertilisers.

bullet2Higher crop yields.

bullet2All water is recycled; sewer/dumping charges are virtually eliminated. Only in the case of elevated salt content due to extensive evaporation, a blow down may be required, usually only after many months of operation.

bullet2Up to 50% of otherwise lost nutrition is recovered and returned back to the feed operation system.

bullet2All fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites are eliminated.

bullet2The makeup water demand is greatly reduced.