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Aqueous ozone was very effective in significantly reducing microbial loads on live catfish entering the plant.

bullet2Finished catfish fillets washed in ozonated water showed significant reductions in total plate counts.

bullet2Ozonation at the fillet machine could be beneficial.

bullet2Utilizing aqueous ozone as a final wash after using soap and a chlorine sanitizer was of no benefit and actually removed the residual chlorine and led to increased plate counts.

bullet2Gaseous ozone reduced odors in the offal room rapidly and effectively. Utilization of ozone for odor reductions will require ozone monitoring equipment that ensures employee safety.

From several recommendations were developed for further testing and introduction of ozone processes that are needed in catfish processing plants and numerous other seafood processes.

Proposed Procedures Include

bullet2Ozonation of fish transport and holding tanks - Delivering clean fish with low microbial loads in clean water will be advantageous for maintaining high quality products (Figure 1)

bullet2Ozonation of fish in transport - Aquaculture did extensive testing in 2002 and found ozone could be applied to aquaculture tanks to reduce foam and slime on fish in the fish tanks.

bullet2Ozone washing of live fish and fillets - The catfish study showed highly statistically significant reductions in plate counts when live fish and fillets were washed in ozonated water.

bullet2Equipment washing - Equipment washing with ozonated water can be very advantageous if properly utilized and scheduled correctly in the process.

bullet2Ozonation of ice machines - The effects of ozonated water on the quality of ice from ice machines can be very beneficial especially if ozone generation is being used in the facility and can be employed as a water treatment during periods when ozone is not needed in the plant.

bullet2Ozonation of IQF processes - Individually Quick Frozen products are common in many fish and seafood processes. Ozonation of the water used in the ice glaze can reduce loads and provide a superior quality product.

bullet2Temporary cleaning during breaks and lunch periods - A standby ozone washer can provide excellent interim cleaning during breaks and lunch periods in a processing facility.

bullet2Air quality in freezer and storage rooms - Regulated ozone treatments in storage and freezer facilities can avoid off flavors and products consumers find undesirable.

bullet2Air quality improvement in the processing and fish waste facilities - The 2005 International study showed ozone is an excellent way to control odors in fish wastes shipping facilities. This use of gaseous ozone needs to be studied and controls need to be developed for maintaining ozone levels in these work spaces.

bullet2Ozone laundry technologies for uniforms and towels - Laundry and energy costs for hot water may be trimmed by the proper use of ozone laundry facilities.

bullet2Ozonation in production facilities - What can be done at the production site to improve fish quality?

Developing equipment and processes for ozonation in these aquaculture processing facilities will greatly promote the use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent. Procedures from the seafood industry can be applied in other meat and poultry processing facilities and may be transferable to cut vegetable processes.