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What Are The Facts About Swimming Pools

bullet2Chlorine reacts with organic waste and forms a large number of highly toxic chloro-organic compounds, also referred to as "combined chlorine". These are well known carcinogens, and are also very poisonous to marine life. In swimming pools they accumulate in very high concentrations. Red eyes and rashes are the most instant and obvious effects, and should be considered signals of a much more serious risk to human health. Pools usually use makeup water to dilute these dangerous compounds. As a result, an equal amount of pool water must be released into the environment.

bullet2On average, the human body will absorb about half a litre of pool water every hour! The best pools have water quality compliant with the standards for drinking water supply.

bullet2There are more than 30,000 Public swimming pools in Europe treated with ozone.

bullet2Bromine, ozone and hydrogen peroxide have been used successfully in the past with or without chlorine residual. Ozone is the strongest and most convenient disinfectant of all and its stability in water is most convenient.

bullet2There are many advantages of treating pool water with ozone
  • bullet2Filtration support. Ozone assists flocculation of organic waste materials, thus enhancing the effectiveness of sand filters.

    bullet2Water purification. Ozone directly decomposes organic waste by oxidation.

    bullet2Water sanitation. Properly dissolved ozone residual of 0.05 or higher assures 100% kill of all bacteria, viruses and fungus.

    bullet2Water oxygenation. Unused ozone slowly decomposes to normal oxygen and remains dissolved in the water to the point of saturation. This makes the pool water clean, sparkling and appealing.

    bullet2Leaves no toxic residues in the treated water. (See paragraph 2.)

    bullet2Ozone is produced on site and does not require storage nor transportation.

    bullet2Dissolved ozone at levels below 0.15 mg./l does not cause adverse health effects even during long term exposure.

    bullet2Eliminate use of chlorine which is constantly released in its highly toxic gas form right above the pool water.

    bullet2OZONE ends water discharge liabilities, i.e. no toxins.

    bullet2OZONE prevents calcium carbonate scaling, removes existing scale, cleans and prevents greasy sediments on pool sides. OZONE treated waters have a much lower cleaning cost.

bullet2Ozone has become known as a major health benefit to swimming pool users, and is being used by countless hospitals and rehabilitation centres. Today's technology does not require chlorine, except as a backup in case of maintenance or power blackout.

Bromine is much more suitable than chlorine where there is a need to complement an ozone system, since bromine co-operates with ozone. While bromine is slightly more expensive to buy, much less bromine is needed since ozone will recycle bromine up to 14 X in the pool water.

bullet2Chlorine-free pools have been in operation for over 50 years in Europe.

bullet2During ozone start up in pools where chlorine was previously used, ozone may cause a few hours of foaming, flocculation, and milky water colour. These are proper oxidation processes; a one-time event with no harmful effects. The circulation system in the pool will remove the oxidation by-products and water will turn a sparkling clean sky blue with a pleasantly clean smell.

bullet2Ozone generators provide all the necessary ozonation power to purify, oxygenate and sanitise swimming pools, Jacuzzi, ponds, water-works, and dams. Our modular system provides spares capacity in case of failure of any part of the ozonation system.

Ozone and UV are very effective alternatives to chlorine and other chemicals as a disinfection agent in swimming pools. Ozone and UV can safely prevent the formation of chlorine byproducts, such as chloramines and trihalomethanes.

Ozone and UV can breakdown chlorinated byproducts, therefore reducing the typical problems associated with pools such as red eyes and respiration ailments. Ozone will also oxidize oils and other contaminants in swimming pools and spa water into safer elements. The use of ozone and UV can play an essential role in providing a clean and pleasant environment for bathers and pool staff.

Ozone is an effective disinfectant killing bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and algae. Ozone can be used alone to treat pools & spas or can be combined with sodium bromide to provide a residual in pools that are not continuously recirculated.

Ozone (O3) reacts with sodium bromide (NaBr) to form hypobromous acid (HOBr) which itself is a powerful bactericide. Upon reacting with an organic molecule in the pool water hypobromous acid is converted back to bromide. This bromide then reacts with ozone to form hypobromous acid and the cycle begins again.

The advantages of ozone pool treatment over chlorine are

Increased Efficiency of the Filter

By treating water with ozone, the biodegradation rate of natural organic matter (NOM) is increased. This means, that large molecules are diminished to smaller molecules, which can be decomposed by a filter more easily. The organic matter will cause an increase in bacterial growth in the system, because it is a bacterial nutrient. Regrowth of bacteria in a distribution system is an unwanted effect. This can be turned into a positive effect by injecting ozone on a sand filter. Research has shown that preozonization can increase filter efficiency. Ozone increases biodegradability of materials and microbial growth, but it also increases the oxygen concentration in the filter. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal can be increased to 35% in a sand filter when ozone is added [33].

The amount of organic matter in the filter is decreased, causing regrowth of bacteria in the system to be reduced. Figure 2 shows the distiction between algae removal in a sand filter with ozone application and without ozone application.

bullet2Water is odour-free.

bullet2Water will not dry the skin or irritate the eyes.

bullet2Ozone will not produce THMs (Tri-Halo Methanes).

bullet2Ozone will not bleach hair or bathing suits.