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bullet2Ozone neutralizes any odours and is especially effective for getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, even if it has permeated the furniture and curtains. Also eradicated by ozone are the smell of paint or glue fumes, spilt alcohol, pet urine, mildew and damp, body odours and fire damage etc.

bullet2The hygienic environment, bacteria, virus and odour free, created by ozone, deters insects like cockroaches and flies.

bullet2Ozone is especially useful for the day after a party when a room still smells like cigarettes, alcohol or foods even after the guests have gone and the room has been cleaned. An ozone generator left on in a closed room overnight will totally deodorize the room, carpets, furniture and curtains.

bullet2Ozone generators permanently installed in an area such as a smoking room or bar allow constant deodorization and neutralization. This neutralizes a once permanent problem and creates a healthier environment for guests, staff, smokers and non-smokers.