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Air & Water Disinfection Systems

Ozonist 500

Ozonist 500 connected to main water line and ozonated the passing through water at the time. Easy to use and spend lower power to produce water which include ozone.

Ozonist 500 Features

  • Using ozonated water  has been considered safe by the use of foodstuffs by GRAS, are allowed to be used by the FDA.
  • Ozonist 500 can removed bacterium and pesticides on the product
  • When use Ozone 500 that destroy bacterium, after the process ozone transformed into oxygen. It makes improve the quality of the product's shelf life and appearance.
  • No need to rinse, saves water.
  • After using ozone water you can use it for removing odors.

Uses of Ozonist 500

  • Washing fruits and vegetables (bacteria, virus, and pesticide removal).
  • Meat, poultry and seafood in washing.
  • Hygiene requiring disinfection of kitchen equipment.

Ozonist 500 Advantage

  • Water passing through it ozonated at the time.
  • Removes the smell in environment.
  • Micro-processor has the ability to flow swich.
  • Security protection mode.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy installation.

Ozonist 500 Technical Features

Ozone Output:                       500 mg / h
Ozone concentration:             1 ppm
Operating voltage:                 220 ​​V, 50 Hz.
Power Consumption:             38 W
Capacity:                                300 l / h Water Ozonation

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