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Disinfection With Ozone Ozone is a gase with a very high oxidation power and it is known as one of the most powerfull disinfection. It being one of the most powerfull leads it to play a full active role in destructing bacterias. Ozone gase being the only gas as a disinfection which is residual and waste free is providing it to be more advantageous than the other disinfections especially when used in food industry. Foods to be carried and washed with ozone treatment is increasing storage life by preventing the microorganisms in water and preventing other contaminations. Referring to Food Codec the water used for food processing also needs to be under spesific values as told in, 'Regulation on Water Intended for Human Consumption'. This regulation has restricted chlore in water disinfection process. With ozone disinfection method you can have %100 disinfection and water comsumption decreases. Nowadays, many of the companies prefer to buy their lunch for their employees from some supplier or a food factory. In these places hygen and sanitation is provided from chemicals which stay on product, leading the quality of the product to decrease and shelf life to shorten. Firstfully it is very important for employees whom working in public food service to follow hygen rules. Also production area’s and service area’s surfaces and enviroment that are touching food also needs to follow hygen and sanitation rules. Forks, knifes, spoons and other equipments’, the working areas floor, walls and ceiling’s and production tables disinfection is possible to be do with ozoned water. Also ozone is very effective removing pestiside and agricultural residual from fruits and vegetables, removing chemicals such as iron, manganese, chlore, nitrate by oxidising and residual free is a reason why ozoned water has to be prefered. As far as a healthy production, with the fruits and vegetables disinfected with ozoned water the chance of mold and fungus formation is obstructed the shelf life would be at least twice as long fort his reason there will be an important save on financial expenses.