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Using Ozone in Living Field

As being an active oxygen ozone (O3) is the most effective germ killer and smell destroyer. Ozone is the most strong treatment known that gives out tissues and cells the oxygen they need in the most effective way.

During the day we breath more than 20.000 times but we do not care the quality of the air we are smelling. Though breathing is the source of life. We can live without eating or drinking for a while but we can not more than a few minutes without breathing. Because of this, it must not be so hard to guess the importance of an air with enough oxygen; especially when you are living in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul! While ideal oxygen ratio for human body is %21, in cosmopolitan cities unfortunately this ratio falls down to % 18.

It is known that indoors air is polluted more than two thousand substance and living microorganisms. According to the researches, no matter how polluated the outdoor air is it is stil 2 to 5 times more cleaner than indoor air. At indoors we breath cigarette smoke, heavy metels that we are not able to see, polens, viruses, bacterias, mites and dusts. By this system you can remove pets’, kitchen-food’s, smoke, warehouse, wardrobe smell from living area.

Many illness can be prevented by providing enough oxygen to the cells or organs even can be completely healed. It is necessary for organs, bezs, immune system and for brain to work functionally. When there is not enough oxygen metal blurriness, negative thinking, depression and after that hearing  and vision problems start. Elderly people and  people who vein issues are usually negative and depressioned.

Especially if people who are working indoors are feeling tired all the time, if they are nervous and inefficient it is because they are not having enough oxygen. They would also have problems while sleeping and thus they start to a bad day. Main secret of a liveliness and youthfulness is to have a clean blood circulation system. The easiest way to have this throught the air we breath.

Clean air will make the whole body to feed right and the productivity will increase.