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Technical Spesifications of Ozone

Ozone is very superior comparing to other disinfections with it’s high oxidation power.
Even though ozone is 25 times stronger than hypochloride aside, 2500 times stronger that hypochloride, 5000 times stronger than chloromine ozone would not gave out any waste or toxidity.
Since ozone transforms into oxygen in a short time it is natural and has no side effects.
O2 molecules in air can lead to an unstable molecule when two oxygen molecules spilits and reacts with another O2 molucule. This new molecule is ozone.
This unstable structure gives ozone a very strong disinfection power.
Because of it’s unstable structure it destroys bacterias, viruses, funguses, mods in the enviroment it also removes away iron, manganese, chlore, nitrite by oxidating them.

Ozone’s and Other Disinfections Oxidation Power

Disinfection                                           Oxidation Power (Volt)

Ozone (O3)                                                            2,07
H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)                                1,77
Permanganate                                                     1,67
Chlorine Dioxide                                                  1,57
Hypochlorus acid                                                 1,49
Chlorine Gase                                                      1,36
Oxygen                                                                   1,23
Bromine                                                                 1,09
Hypochloride                                                         0,94
Chlorite                                                                  0,76
Iodine                                                                     0,54

Kills Microorganisms

Ozone’s most basic power is that it fights harmfull living fast and effectively. The filters that are being used can purify but ozone is the only gase that can clean the bacterias and germs the safest way. Especially nowadays when influenza infections are spreading it is the safest way to be sure of nutrient is clean and healthy.

It Cleans Drinking Water

Ozone does not only kill bacteria it also destroys chlorine wastes, main reason why we can not drink tap water, which is causing bad smell. It removes away unwanted taste and smell. Ozone sterilizes  the water that comes from the warehouses or network. It eliminates heavy metals and blurriness from water. Tea and coffee made with ozonated water tastes much better. Depending on your wish when you rest your ozonated water for half an hour there would not be any ozone smell.